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Sometimes, I like to think that people run out of emotions; they get to that point where they care less about others and can’t be bothered. Usually people tend to see these kind of people as rigid and what not. I know of a number of people that have invested their emotions on the wrong set of people; they even try to remain positive.

One example is about Mich and Samuel who were best of friends. Samuel was under the impression that Mich did not have a boyfriend. As their friendship grew stronger, feelings cropped up. Samuel felt it wise to express his feelings to her, since she obviously gave him the ‘green light’. Little did he know that she had a boyfriend which she was very discreet about.

Mich and Samuel started a beautiful love relationship or so Samuel thought, until the day a message popped up on her phone with a message from a guy named Mark, it read: ‘Hey boo’. He actually did not think otherwise until he went through her laptop; he was trying to install some applications for her, and saw a folder with the name Mark, hidden somewhere in her computer. Curiosity they say kills the cat, he opened the folder and he saw pictures of both of them kissing and doing fun stuff together (he did not need a soothsayer to know that that was Mark). The funny thing is, there were time stamps on the pictures and it was very recent; he even thought it was around the time she said she had to travel for work.

Samuel was too shocked to react; he never imagined anything like that. He thought he knew everything about her and could even vouch for her, but alas his discovery opened his eyes. He could not even muster up the courage to confront her because he felt so shattered and disappointed. He kept wondering why she agreed to date him, if she had a boyfriend and why he never knew of him, he sure would have kept his emotions in check by suppressing them. Mich made him like her and was cheating on him. He was not even sure if he was the ‘Main Dish’ or the Side Dish’.

Samuel talked to his sister Zoe about it, asking what to do about the whole situation. He did not want to lose her, but he did not want to be used either. Zoe advised him to confront her and get some form of explanation. Zoe felt so bad for her brother because he was such a sucker for love.

A couple of weeks went bye and Samuel never made mention of the issue, until when she called him Mark by mistake. He felt so bad, because he thought he could win her over by his actions, and maybe she would break up with Mark. At that point, he just opened up to her and asked for an explanation, telling her to choose between the both of them. Mich came up with flimsy excuses that they were just friends and it was just a fling bla bla bla… Samuel was not buying the excuses and she got angry and walked out on him.

Samuel got a text later that night from Mich saying it was over; he could not believe what he read; the tears that reeled out could have given someone a very good bath. He could not watch the game with his boys. He was lost in thoughts; he wanted to know what he did wrong that made Mich choose Mark over him. It was the longest night of his life; by morning his eyes were swollen that one would have thought he had an infection in his eyes.

Samuel could not focus at work or anything in life, he looked really unkempt. You could tell something was wrong; he practically shut himself out from the rest of the world, as nothing seemed to make sense to him.

Zoe noticed something was up with her brother as he had not called for some days and was not picking or returning her calls. She went to his house; she almost broke down in tears when she saw the state he was in. She had to tidy up everywhere and she ensured he had a proper bath and a good meal. She talked some sense into him, and prayed with him. She advised him to take some days off work to take care of himself, which he did. He got a week off, and in that one week, she stayed with him, made him read new books and watch movies. He was finally able to express his feelings of betrayal and hurt to her. He felt really hurt because they were first friends, best friends at that and they knew practically everything about each other, he never expected that level of deception.

The healing process was gradual and it was going to take a while, but he promised himself to heal completely. Although he was upset with Mich, he gradually let go of any form of resentment he had towards her. On few occasions he tried to reach out to her and she kept giving some annoying attitude; he let her know that he had already promised to remain friends with her come what may, that she should not make things difficult.

To be continued…




There is this thing people say about not saying stuff behind people’s backs that you will not be able to say in their presence. I agree with this most of the time; I mean it is better to keep quiet.  

My major problem stems from the fact that most times when information is being passed down; it gets filtered along the way. For instance, if I tell A stuff about B, A tells C and adds a little bit of ‘sugar’ to make it more interesting, C tells D the filtered stuff and further filters it, one way or the other if it gets back to B, B will definitely not get the actual stuff which I told A; this usually would cause a friction between myself and A.

Sometimes we get lost in ‘gist’ and say one or two things to people, these same people who you think you can confide in, go about saying you said this and said that, even the things you haven’t said get pinned down on your ‘poor head’. They do these most times to find favour in the sight of those they tell, or to make them look like the good ones, but that is total crap.

Some people find pleasure in bridging confidentiality, things that should be kept to themselves; just because they have the privilege of having such information at their disposal decide to spill carelessly without considering the consequence of their actions. Some others give themselves up to be used as puppets to get information; I pity those people because they are usually not smart. One can readily depict the footprints of those who have made them their puppets.

There was a time I had an issue with two of my friends, we both shared a mutual friend who was one hell of a gossip, he came to tell me stuff that my friends said about me, to spite me; I simply kept everything to myself. The thing is I did not even react, I almost believed him because I never knew his kind of person up until later. He also told my friends stuff that I said about them which he obviously made up. When we sorted ourselves out, we all figured out that all he said were lies he concocted to spite the three of us and we laughed at his level of pettiness. We were lucky we were sane enough to sort our differences and not capitalize on someone’s fabricated lies which could have smeared our relationship for a long time to come.

That being said, my issue is with those that have taken it upon themselves to be gossips, backstabbers, backbiters and all in between, please get a life. This is 2018, leave all that crap for 2017, improve yourself, be a better being; I mean in the long run what would you gain? Don’t waste your time trying to ruin people’s lives, remember Karma is always a ‘bitch’.


Be Careful With Your Words


Words hurt a damn lot, you have no idea how using the wrong words can ruin someone. Some people think they are at liberty to hurt people with their words, just because they can. Some think that because they can readily say sorry, it is okay to just use their words as they like not minding how it affects the other party. Some just make the word ‘Sorry’ seem so useless.

I am of the opinion that you should be very careful with how you use your words; the right words used at the right time can make someone’s life. I always say that, never say or do stuff on purpose because you know you can say sorry; the whole essence of the apology becomes lost. It is okay to make mistakes, sometimes there could be an outburst and careless hurtful words may reel out, there the word sorry becomes very useful, it may not fix the damage but it could make things better.

Sometimes I sit and ponder why I am not allowed to make mistakes or stuff, but every other person is allowed to tell me hurtful things and I am supposed to just forgive and even forget without any form of apology or show of remorse from them. Please I am only human.

My point is, don’t say hurtful things on purpose, it is not the least bit cool.

Like I would always say; Be careful with the words you speak, they should be sweet and gentle because some day you might have to chew on those words, if good, fine, else you might just choke on it.

MUAALAG pledges to cleaner environment; to celebrate ‘highway managers’ in end of year activities.


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The Lagos State chapter of the Madonna University Alumni Association MUAALAG has restated its commitment to a cleaner Lagos as it is poised to extend its gratitude to the men and women who work hard to make Lagos cleaner and often go unappreciated.

This much was made known by President of the association, Ogho Emore who spoke to journalists at MUAALAG’s sports’ Day held in Lagos recently. He stated that as part of its end-of-the-year activities, MUAALAG has set aside a day where it would fete the highway managers and sweepers of roads in the Lagos Metropolis. He communicated that a paradigm shift was necessary to achieve environmental sustainability. As a result, individuals and organisations would be required to play an active part in ensuring that the streets of Lagos are kept clean. He emphasized further that MUAALAG is looking to play a key role in shifting the needle towards a positive outcome. Mr Emore lauded Sterling Bank’s efforts at creating a cleaner environment through its STEM initiative and stated that more organizations are to toe this line.
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Spokesman for the association Chinedum Ucheoma used the opportunity to shed more light on the end of year activities of the association. He informed journalists that the day would begin with the CSR initiative during which the various clusters that make up the association would give out food items to highway managers that fall within their locations. The highlight of the day would be the Grand Ball/Gala Night during which the association will be recognising Alumnus who have distinguished themselves in their service to the Alumni, those who have excelled in their vocation and those who have impacted positively in their various communities. Both events are slated to hold on December 2nd 2017.

Companies who have partnered with the association for the event include Nigeria’s first online laundry mart, Instant pickup, Mobile software producing giants, Evolve Cosmos Allied Services (ECAS), Leading consulting firm, Kotivu.ng amongst others. It will be recalled that the first edition of the Gala Night was held in 2015 at the Best Western Hotel Victoria Island Lagos.



I was lost in thoughts, could not sleep, wondering and thinking about life and what it had in store for me. I tried so hard to sleep but my thoughts got the better of me. I was there stuck, staring at the ceiling, lost in my own world. I could hear the sound of every creature that night; it was the longest night ever, I did not think it was going to end.

I needed the world to stop for a second; I needed my questions to be answered. Why do I have to remain strong, what is the point, why, what is the need? So many questions, but no answers.

I felt so shattered, like my world was crumbling in bits, I was not sure if I was depressed or just unhappy, I wasn’t sure if I needed to talk to anyone or keep hurting inside. The whole world suddenly seemed wrong to me. I thought I was going crazy, it all played out in my head.

I did not feel like doing anything for a long time, I just wanted things to be right but it did not seem that way. It was a really long night, I thought about everything. I thought to myself, was it a crime to be happy? Was I just unlucky? I wasn’t sure of anything at all.

That night, I cried and soaked my pillow so much you would have thought it was a flood. I finally closed my eyes but in less than five minutes my alarm brought me back to my senses as I had to prepare for work.

I don’t want to seem ungrateful, but fighting with these thoughts and feelings is like the hardest thing to do. I am tired of being strong, I might just give up after all, don’t know how long I will remain sane.

Diary of a Confused Being.

Everybody had a ‘past’… By YOSLYDE


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Everybody had a ‘past’…

That’s a popular and I can’t agree more, but there are ‘past’ and there are ugly past. Do we still call them all past?

Your past may be stealing a cube of sugar at home and my past may be that I once participated is a gang-bang (only that I didn’t).

So I’m here having sleepless nights over the thought of me being the worst being on earth, due to the kinda life I’ve lived and another being is just some blocks away, snoring so loudly and she’s brought a guy close to committing suicide after she broke his heart.

The next time I hear the phrase “everyone has a past”, I may just be tempted to lose it.




One thing I have learnt in this life is to have regards for people. Not everyone is like me or thinks like me or even behaves like me, but then there are some things that should be applicable to everyone via common sense. Sometimes it is not always the case.

Doing whatever you like is not always the best, especially when your actions affect others negatively. Sometimes you just need to put yourself in another’s place and think, if the tables were turned would you feel good or bad about what you were going to do?  Some of us just do things without thinking of the consequences or how it affects the other person. We act without regards of how the other person would feel about it, just because we can and seem to forget that karma can also be a bitch sometimes.

We should learn to treat people right, just because it the right thing to do. Don’t do what you would not want to be done to you. Learn to appreciate and understand people’s feelings and rights.

The fact that I am of a particular religious belief or race doesn’t make me better than someone of another race or religion. I should be able to respect them and their views and not shove my opinion down their throats. I can say what I need to say without forcing them to accept what I believe.

Respect they say is reciprocal and you can’t give what you don’t have; I know that you need to respect yourself first and others would respect you. But I also know that you will still find some people that don’t have regards for anybody behaving anyhow they like. Don’t let them get to you, because they are not even worth it.




The most painful thing in this world is to brag about catching a grenade for someone (since you won’t really catch a grenade for anybody) and the person lights you up with matches, knowing fully well that you’re soaked in gasoline.

Trust has been a very big issue when it comes to relationships. I mean, I can trust my girlfriend to be faithful and all that but I’m not gonna smile at her knowing she passed the night in a guy’s house. How do we even classify this under trust?

Years ago, I trusted. Some years after, my trust was shattered. And now I can’t categorically state where I stand on the issue of trust.

I can trust someone not to get involved in something but I can’t trust the situation not to consume the someone, you dig?

If you want me to trust you, then you should stay off sticky situations. Even glue could be hard to get off your hands (if you doubt, you can try Alteco).

I’ve come to realise that trust is just like a wall. Several cracks in it can lead to an eventual collapse of the wall.

I can still give trust a try but damn, I’m gonna need some armor and strong helmet because when that wall comes crashing, I don’t wanna be anywhere near it.

P.S. I trust in God.


The first one was asked, “How come you do what you do? You are a drug addict, a drunk, and you beat your family. What motivates you?” He said, “My father.” They asked, “What about your father?” The reply was, “My father was a drug addict, a drunk and he beat his family. What do you expect me to be? That is what I am.”
They went to the brother who was doing everything right and asked him the same question. “How come you are doing everything right ? What is your source of motivation?” And guess what he said? “My father. When I was a little boy, I used to see my dad drunk and doing all the wrong things. I made up my mind, that is not what I wanted to be.”
Both were deriving their strength and motivation from the same source, but one was using it negatively and the other positively…
Negative motivation brings the desire to take the easier way which ends up being the tougher way.
Always allow yourself to be motivated Positively.

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